Level 1 Award in Stress Awareness

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Level 1 Award in Stress Awareness


This qualification aims to improve learners' understanding of stress. They will look at the causes of stress and the effects stress can have on health. They will also learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and look at ways of preventing or reducing stress

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Mandatory unit

Unit 1: Introduction to stress and stress management

What are the entry requirements?

This qualification is suitable for learners aged 14 and above.

Course Assessment:  Internally assessed mandatory workbook

Total cost: £119

The Distance Learning course: The distance learning course is done at your own pace with a Tutor's Support & Guidance. All necessary materials will be sent to you by Special royal mail delivery once you book the course. We recommend the distance learning course for Individual's with competence or experience. Once you book this course, you will be given up to 1 Academic year to complete the assignments. However If you finish earlier, you will be awarded early. (You do not need to wait for up to 1 year).

Future Progression:

Learners who achieve this qualification could progress to:

 Level 1 Award in Alcohol Awareness

Level 1 Award in Sexual Health Awareness

Level 1 Award in Awareness of Substance Misuse

Level 1 Award in Mental Health Awareness

Level 1 Award or Certificate in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children and Young People's Settings

Level 2 Award in Helping Skills

Level 1 Award in Mental Health Awareness

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Level 2 Award or Certificate in Equality and Diversity

Level 2 Award in Volunteering Level 1 or 2 Award in Mentoring.



You can book this course by telephone Tel: 02089658255 (For immediate booking) or Online. Alternatively, you also can walk into our offices to book your course. All reading and exam materials will be provided upon completion of bookings.