Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity

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Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity


This qualification aims to use introduce the concepts of equality and diversity in a variety of environments including society, the community and the workplace

 Highlight how stereotyping and labelling affect individuals

Outline the effects of prejudice and discrimination

Allow the learner to examine rights and responsibilities

Stress the importance of taking individual responsibility and action to help and support others

Provide a basis for further study and/or career development. 

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The objective of this qualification is to help learners to raise their awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity and to apply this awareness through their actions in society, community and the workplace.

To be awarded the Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity, learners are required to successfully complete one mandatory unit.

This qualification consist of the following units:

Unit 01 Equality and diversity in society

Unit 02 Equality and diversity in the community

Unit 03 Equality and diversity in the workplace


What are the entry requirements?

These qualifications are suitable for both young and adult learners, including those in or seeking employment. They’re also ideal for those who need to develop an awareness of issues surrounding equality and diversity, for example as part of an induction programme or personal development. There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for these qualifications. However, learners may find it helpful if they’ve already achieved a Level 1 qualification.

These qualifications are suitable for learners aged pre-16 and above.


Total cost: £99

The Distance Learning course: The distance learning course is done at your own pace with a Tutor's Support & Guidance. All necessary materials will be sent to you by Special royal mail delivery once you book the course. We recommend the distance learning course for Individual's with competence or experience. Once you book this course, you will be given up to 1 Academic year to complete the assignments. However If you finish earlier, you will be awarded early. (You do not need to wait for up to 1 year)

Future Progression:

Learners who achieve these qualifications could progress to:

Qualifications in Principles of Equality and Diversity at Level 3 or


Qualifications in Managing Equality and Diversity in Organisations at Level 3 or above.

Due to the relevance of these qualifications to all sectors, learners may also progress (including laterally) onto qualifications in other relevant areas such as:

Youth work

Community development work

Health and social care

Customer service/ business subjects

Early years care and education



You can book this course by telephone Tel: 02089658255 (For immediate booking) or Online. Alternatively, you also can walk into our offices to book your course. All reading and exam materials will be provided upon completion of bookings.